Jack Baker

JACK BAKER Wildflower & Sage Handmade Soy Candle made in the USA

SKU: NR2UWT-4465

Jack created an artisanal candle that has the burn power to fill your space with lingering aromas that last!
Wildflower & Sage: Citrus, Sweet Rhubarb, Mint
12oz 50 Hour burn
  • The ability to compliment & bring warmth to any room using only clean, safe ingredients.
  •  Jack believes in hand-pouring in small batches to deliver the highest quality scents. 
Hand-poured in Texas, from Essential Oil based fragrances & 100% Dye Free, Vegan Soy Wax Blend.  
   A bit of light after a dark day, can sometimes be life-changing.
Three scents available: Lush, Wildflower & Sage, Americano

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