SHIRALEAH Three Cotton Bandanna Face Mask Set with 30 Filters

SKU: L9ZBSD-4465

$38.67 $45.50
  • These are the cutest, and I love how you can drop it from the ear and it looks like a  scarf. No more hassle on trying to find where to place it when your finished for the time-being. 
  • Color: Pink white and tan Combo
  • Bandana: L 31" x W 15"
  • Box: L 10.5" x W 5" x H 1"
  • Includes: 3 Printed Masks and 30 filters
  • How to wear bandana: Insert 1 disposable filter in the bandana pocket. Place elastic loops around ears and adjust straps for a snug fit. Tie the bandana. Replace the disposable filter every 2 wears. 
  • Cotton
  • Gift Box

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